Friday, May 17, 2013

Taxes are Theft

This article isn't about healthcare.
When I hear people say, "Taxes are theft," I have to shake my head. Since theft is bad, we'd have to eliminate income and sales taxes. Any fee from the government can also be considered a tax.

Taxes are part of the societal contract we all agree to and abide by as part of being Americans. Without taxes, we would have no modern government, no military, no police, no fire fighters, and no programs to help the poor. Without government, this would no longer be a country; it would just be anarchy. Laws are useless without someone to enforce them. But don't worry, the anti-tax guy with the belly hanging out of his shirt and the shotgun slung over his shoulders will defend you as he goes on about illegal aliens in this new Freedom Zone. Well, who will protect you from him?

"But wait," you say, our government used to exist purely on fees extracted to the rich. We could just return to that (said no Libertarian ever). Or maybe, vital small government services could exist purely via donations and charity from the rich (like what would now feed the poor). That's the real goal of these "taxes are theft" people. That would put the power and control of our country and the masses' survival fully into the hands of the few, the powerful, and the rich. Your end goal, as always, is to enable the powerful to steal as much money from laborers as possible (by paying them as little as possible and making sure they have no recourse). "But wait," you say, the masses will use the free market to fight that. Yes, it was fought. The victory was the current system with labor laws and other government protections which you seek to destroy, sending us back to the bloody beginning with your sad "everything was better in the old days" whining.

The gullible non-wealthy individuals who fall for the "taxes are theft" philosophy are merely pawns of our growing plutocracy. If they had their way, government would be eliminated, big business would take over, and soon we'd all be living in shanty towns and laboring around dangerous machinery without any safety gear again (alongside children) again. We'd be controlled by privatized police forces in a country patrolled by a privatized military. Don't even think about calling the future fire department or police if you can't pay up front.

These willfully ignorant "taxes are theft" folk are a sad, treasonous anti-American bunch. Get the fuck out of this country and go somewhere where there are no taxes. Enjoy it there.

Another thing, we have taxes because the people we elected created income taxes and haven't eliminated them. Therefore, the American people voted for them and haven't voted for someone to eliminate them. It's what the American people wants; therefore, it's not theft. By that argument, it still seems that what the "no tax" bunch really hates is America and our system of government.

Now surely, taxes could be used as a weapon of oppression, but you shouldn't be complaining when, last year, taxes were at their lowest in 47 years and are still damn low.

Further Reading:

"Modern libertarianism is the disguise adopted by those who wish to exploit without restraint. It pretends that only the state intrudes on our liberties. It ignores the role of banks, corporations and the rich in making us less free. It denies the need for the state to curb them in order to protect the freedoms of weaker people. This bastardised, one-eyed philosophy is a con trick, whose promoters attempt to wrongfoot justice by pitching it against liberty. By this means they have turned "freedom" into an instrument of oppression."
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