Monday, February 25, 2013

Why I'm for the Sequestration: A Bipartisan Agreement for the Worst of Both Worlds

The whole sequestration thing has been in the news a lot lately. I just want to remind everyone that I think it's a good thing. If it goes through, it'll be one of the first major bipartisan things to happen in a while.

Democrats agreed to it by saying we can't balance the budget only by cutting domestic programs meant to help Americans, and Republicans agreed to it by saying we can't tax the wealthy one cent more even though taxes are the lowest in 67 years. So, we're going to get huge cuts to almost everything. We'll be cutting spending so, "Yay!"

A bunch of military personnel are going to be laid off. But since government spending doesn't create jobs, it's like how matter can't be created or destroyed. It breaks even. Programs that help Americans are going to get cut, but anyone who's not rich obviously has moral failings and doesn't work hard enough anyway. Social security and Medicare aren't getting slashed, but they really should be, immediately for all current and future recipients, since they're the biggest debt problem. At least, the rich won't be getting taxed more. That's the important thing. They have enough problems what with dealing with all that money and all.

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