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Mitt Romney on Health Care

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Barack Obama wanted a public option, but Congress passed the Affordable Care Act with a mandate instead of a public option. This became known as Obamacare because Obama signed it into law. See Mitt Romney advocate for the mandate, i.e. Obamacare. He only now opposes it because his opponent is for it.

But don't take my word for it, take Mitt Romney's word for it.

Romney Care: A Model For Health Care Reform? 


Mitt Romney on RomneyCare's Individual Mandate as a National Model 

Mitt Romney defends individual mandate as "fundamentally a conservative principle"

See Mitt Romney Promote an Individual Mandate 

Romney supports taxes on those who freeload off the system by not purchasing private health insurance. As a typical political hypocrite, he called the same mandate in Obamacare a tax on the middle class.

Hear him say, "I like mandates."

As late as 2009, Romney supported the Romneycare model, the basis of Obamacare.

Romney said Obama wanted a single-payer public option (which is true) and that his mandate plan is better. Obama and the Democrats gave America the system Romney wanted. He's now campaigning against it and saying he'll repeal it. Romney's turnabout is the action of a man who doesn't care about the American people and who only desires power.

During the 2012 Presidential campaign, Andrea Saul, one of Romney's campaign spokespeople, drew conservative ire for saying that a tragic death mentioned by the Obama campaign could have been avoided if that person had lived in Massachusetts with Romneycare. Since Obamacare does the same things as Romneycare, conservative backlash upon this woman was swift as she highlighted their (deadly for Americans) hypocrisy.

Fortunately, the GOP doesn't need to worry about being called a one trick hypocrisy pony. The Romney campaign also accused the Obama administration of gutting welfare work requirements by doing what Romney requested the Bush administration do in 2005.

Obama supports 2006 Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney doesn't support 2006 Mitt Romney.

I'm going to support Obama in 2012. Obama and the Democrats support Mitt Romney from 2006, and that's the sort of common sense thinking we need to agree is the right track. It's sad how some politicians often only do the right thing when they're not campaigning. Since the Democrats are running on common sense, including past Republican ideas, Republicans are taking the low road and campaigning against common sense, including some past Republican ideas.

The Republican propaganda was so effective that in the 2010 elections, the people of Ohio voted yes on an issue that would prevent Ohio from enacting legislation similar to what worked in Massachusetts. The same people that voted yes on that issue 3 (saying "no" to Romney's ideas) are likely to vote for Romney in 2012. It's ludicrous. There's a long list of benefits Ohio will still see as a result of Obamacare since that state issue is overruled by federal law. In essence, issue 3 had no effect on Obamacare. It only prevents Ohio from taking the proven, Republican-approved steps to improve health care.

Have you noticed that Romney refuses to release his taxes from years prior from him deciding to run for President? What is he hiding? Did he only start paying taxes once he decided to run for President? As you can see from this link, other Presidents who've gotten their party's nomination have released more, except for a few Republicans who have lost. Only Romney and McCain have released just 2 years of returns in the last 34 years of Presidential candidates.

Presidential Tax Returns
How Many Years of Tax Returns Have Presidential Candidates Released in the Past?

You can take the word of religious fundamentalist Rick Santorum (who would prefer that the US be a country of religious laws, a Christian version of Iran) that Romney is simply an Obama who isn't honest about the programs he supports.

And just because I can, here's a video of Mitt Romney not knowing that the President needs Congressional approval to go to war and being schooled by Ron Paul.

It baffles me how Republicans can be so hungry for a war. What we don't need to do is increase our national debt by killing people in other countries who aren't an imminent threat. Obama has been taking the diplomatic approach with Iran. Republicans won't seem to be happy until the conflict we want to prevent is made a certainty. They seem convinced that the Iranian government will nuke us as soon as they get nukes even though we'll certainly reduce their country to glass. The goal of those fundamentalist Muslims is the spread of Islam. They can't do that if they're dead. I reject the idea that they're an imminent threat. Now, I'm not saying I want a dangerous regime to have a nuclear weapon. I'm just saying that starting a war to prevent a war is self-defeating.

I leave you with a video of Obama slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon.

The topic of the night was education. 

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