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Did Obama arrest Innocence of Muslims filmmaker? No, he apologized to Islamic extremists by sending elite marines to kill them

I was dismayed to see that someone on a forum I read is a “moonbat.” As in, someone who believes what he reads at

The article claims Obama had the filmmaker of Innocence of Muslims arrested and also that Obama apologized to Islamic extremists. This is the movie that was sent to Islamic countries on 9/11. The actors were dubbed over and had no idea they were making an anti-Islamic movie. Some speculate that the timing of the film and the attacks on U.S. embassies were a coordinated effort by al-Qaeda terrorists.

However, this story comes from Moonbattery which is the final resting place for posts about Zeitgeist, Illuminati, Square Earth, and other Bronnerisms. In other words, it's a conspiracy theorist, crazy propaganda website. People should be ashamed for reading it.

The truth is that the filmmaker was brought in for questioning because he may have violated his parole, not for other reasons.

The Innocence of Muslims “film,” though terrible and insulting to filmmaking, is absolutely protected by free speech.

The article is actually as badly written as the movie was directed and dubbed.


“For political purposes, local sheriff’s deputies were used to drag Nakoula in for “questioning” instead of federal agents, but there is no question they were acting with the blessings if not on the direct orders of the Obama Regime, which has openly sided with the Muslim mobs that killed our ambassador by denouncing Nakoula’s insignificant movie and repeating the preposterous lie that it caused the Middle East to go up in flames. “


there is no question they were” - In other words, the writer didn't bother to investigate.

Obama Regime, which has openly sided with the Muslim mobs that killed” - Yes, the Obama Admin sent an elite group of Marines to Tripoli to bring the killers to justice. Apparently, the writer thinks that if both Hitler and I were to say we disliked the movie Gigli, that means I'd be endorsing all of his opinions and siding with the genocide of Jews. No, the Obama Admin called a crappy movie a 'crappy movie' and then dealt with the real issue.

It's an insult to call the person that barfed out this anti-Obama article without any research a writer. Shame on those that give the article any credit.

The Facts:

The Filmmaker may have broken his parole:

Actress Sues Filmmakers for Dubbing Movie into anti-Islamic film

Obama sends elite group of Marines to bring killers to justice:

Filmmaker linked to anti-Muslim movie questioned | Nakoula Basseley Nakoula "Sam Bacile"

Pro-American Libyans kick extremists out of the city where our ambassador was killed

"Some protesters carried signs reading 'The ambassador was Libya's friend' and 'Libya lost a friend,' the AP reported."

This comes after Obama 'apologized' to the Arab world by sending elite marines to kill the extremists who killed our people. Does this mean Obama's apology has now turned Libyans into our friends? Or, maybe it was the fact that we helped them win their freedom from Muammar Gaddafi as part of a joint UN force. You know, the guy that Reagan tried but failed to kill? If killing terrorists is apologizing, Obama sure does a lot of it. Remember Osama Bin Laden? Dead.

Not all Muslims will kill you over a movie or poorly drawn cartoon of their Prophet

Still, the Muslim world throwing a hissy fit over the Innocence of Muslims makes me wonder how they'll react when the porn parody, Muhammad Baghs Dad, comes out. Perhaps, it will star Jesus and maybe even include all religions.

I'm sure it will have better acting and production values than Innocence of Muslims.

I partly feel that, so long as there are enemies of freedom of speech who would destroy those who cause offense by merely making a movie or drawing a bad cartoon, it is our duty as a society to continue to produce such offensive materials. That way, the enemies of freedom of speech are drawn out (and can be destroyed). People dying as a result of a movie, cartoon, or the mistreatment of a book is far more offensive than any offense caused by an exercise of creativity or the handling of physical objects.

Once there are no more enemies of freedom, people will stop provoking them. 

(Of course, we don't consider slander and libel to be protected speech. Though a whole lot of politicians and talk radio people somehow get away with lying, don't they?) 

Update Nov 7, 2012:
Calif. Man Behind Anti-Muslim Film Gets Prison

"The California man behind an anti-Muslim film that roiled the Middle East was sentenced Wednesday to a year in prison for violating his probation stemming from a 2010 bank fraud conviction by lying about his identity."
The Right-Wing's Most Brazen Lie of the Election -- Debunked
There is zero evidence that the administration lied or covered anything up in the Benghazi attacks."

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