Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Barack Obama Birth Certificate

Some people claim Obama hasn't proven he's not from another country. They say he's a filthy foreigner, like our ancestors that came from afar to settle this land.

However, here's proof that he was born here in the USA:

Here's a closeup of the birth certificate:

Here's a photo of me using the birth certificate as a sail on my trip to Hawaii:

Now, instead of engaging in actual debate, many birthers simply state that it was a liberal who first started the question of Obama's citizenship. If true (and it's doubtful Philip J. Berg is a real liberal), this means that a liberal simply wanted reassurance when Obama started his run, the question was answered, and the liberal then sat down, his question being satisfactorily answered. However, right-wing nut jobs (RWNJs) weren't satisfied by an answer. The fantasy that Obama wasn't American-born was too attractive to give up.

The ridiculous fake Kenyan birth certificate:
A real birth certificate wouldn't list Kenya as a republic before it became a republic. The fake also lists a hospital that is in Zanzibar, not Kenya.

Apparently, some RWNJs still aren't satisfied, even after seeing the birth certificate, holding it, or having it rubbed all over their naked bodies. I guess they want to see video of the birth in a hospital room that has a window from which you can see a nice Hawaiian beach. Of course, they would simply suggest that the video was faked in the same way that the moon landing was faked.

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