Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Reform

Regardless of who wins tonight, the fact remains that our Presidential election system needs reform. I have a three-point plan for this.

#1. Eliminate the Electoral College

It's an outdated system dating back to when we had a small number of states which were apprehensive about a federal government. It promotes States over the People. The States, and the People of the States, are represented in the House and Senate. Let the People directly elect the President of the United States.

As the current system stands, some States don't even require their electors in the electoral college to vote according to how the People in the state vote. They are called “Faithless Electors.” And in cases like the 2000 election, the candidate with the most votes doesn't always win.

In fact, some states are looking to make the system more fair as the problems with it are well known.

#2. Campaign Finance Reform

Return the power to the people by only allowing individual people to contribute to candidates. Corporations and unions shouldn't have such influence. Set the contribution limit to not more than $1,000 per candidate per individual. As it stands, a few wealthy individuals have more influence and voice than all the rest of America. We won't limit free speech, but we will limit the corrupting influence of money in the elections.

As far as individuals forming their own PACs or buying airtime or ads on their own (two things I'm against but I'm also against limiting freedom), we will have total transparency. No anonymous attacks and contributions will be allowed. Accusations of foreign money entered our 2010 elections, and as of yet, there is no proof that such a thing didn't happen. We must have accountability and transparency.

#3. Eliminate the Hold of the Two-Party System

Instead of Democratic and Republican Primaries, we will hold one Primary in which every Presidential candidate of every party will participate. The two with the most votes will go on to challenge each other for the votes to become President. If parties want to trim down the candidates they enter into this Battle Royale beforehand, that will be on them.

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