Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some of my issues with the official Libertarian Party

 I believe in freedom, but I don't buy the Libertarian Party version
  • That it's wrong to protect our freedoms at the highest level, but the States should be free to take them away. By this reasoning, we're wrong to have Amendments that let women vote and ban slavery. Leave it to the States. How dare the federal government consider legalizing gay marriage, letting churches do so that want to and upholding the 1st Amendment's freedom of religion. Even worse would be having one decision regarding abortion.
  • That we're not really free because we still need to remove regulations on business. However, it's fine if we let corporations limit what we see, hear, and read (such as by restricting the internet). It's fine if they set wages artificially low, draining money out of the economy, and wrecking it. It's more freedom to force people to fight against business megaliths than letting the people use government as an extension of their will to protect them from unfair practices.
  • That taxes are a form of violence on the people which is the same as slavery. They can put you away if you don't pay. Yet, it's ok to have laws which they can put you away for if you break. It enslaves the people to have them all contribute to a system available to all which helps them afford food and housing when an unfair system puts them out of a job. The most evil thing is to let the people agree to collectively improve society to make it more survivable via the government which is the people. We the People.
I don't see the Libertarian implementation of freedom so much as freedom as shifting the source of oppression. At the federal level, their goal is to remove all protection from being oppressed.

So yes, I want maximum freedoms for the people. I think we have far too many regulations. However, implementation is key, and the Libertarian implementation at the federal level would allow at the state level the removal of the freedoms they say they want to protect.

So when I say I support the libertarian ideals of freedom, I actually advocate pro-actively protecting those freedoms. Sadly, the Libertarian Party doesn't.

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